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Are you an educator?

See how My Kinder Moments can help you to record and share child learning experience with parents

How it works?

Why use My Kinder Moments?

  • Share moments of child learning, playing, and interacting with parents.

  • Keeping parent up-to-date with child learning milestones.

  • All child records are stored in Australia.

  • Allows educators to set individual milestones to track child progress.

  • Easily associate child activities with “Early Learning outcome framework”.

  • No software to Install and works with Computer, Tablet and Phones.

  • Integrates with Canvas, Blackboard and School login systems.

Does your child go to Child Care or School?

See how you can use My Kinder Moments to access your child portfolio

How to view my child portfolio?

  • Register a FREE account with My Kinder Moments.

  • Ask your child learning centre to provide access to your child portfolio.

  • Securely view your child portfolio and provide feedback to educators.

  • Access your child portfolio on any of your favourite devices.

Child’s early years lay the foundation for all that is to come

Identify and foster child’s social, emotional and academic skills.